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A Brief History of CRMs: From Cuneiform to COBOL to HubSpot

By Adi Jagan Like Slack, social media and celebrity cancellations, “customer relationship management systems” sounds like a phenomenon unique to the 21st century. But people selling goods and services have been managing relationships with their customers ever since trade began. The first ledgers we have evidence of were created 7000 years ago in Mesopotamia (modern-day …

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What Even is a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

“There’s no partner like a HubSpot partner.” —Marketing Veep. TL;DR? Hubspot partner agency rankings aren’t just vanity plates! They’re earned, not given—but consider an agency’s experience in your industry as well as their ranking when selecting a HubSpot partner.

Medcare Farms

About Medcare Farms For the past decade Medcare Farms has developed proprietary indoor cultivation techniques, which coupled with strain development and vetting, allow them to produce craft connoisseur-grade cannabis while maintaining high yields and consistency. Open Flow has been working to optimize their site, and improve SEO efforts. The results can be viewed here:

Prosperity Thinkers

About Prosperity Thinkers. Prosperity Thinkers is: An ideology, a methodology, a community, and your guide to thinking prosperously and living confidently with Whole Life Insurance. Branding and Redesign Open Flow introduced new branding and a fresh WordPress site built with Elementor. The results can be viewed here: