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Cannabis Industry

We take care of your digital marketing and tech stack* so you can grow your business.

Out of 6000 HubSpot partner agencies, Open Flow is one of just eight that specializes in cannabis. We understand the complexity of marketing in a highly regulated sector, and the creativity and innovation required to navigate an ever-changing, increasingly competitive market.

*What is a tech stack?

We find your audience, connect with your customers and boost your revenue

We support your bottom line by automating and streamlining your operations to improve efficiency. Cannabis operations are complex, and the software stack used by most cannabis businesses is constantly in flux and often unstable. Flashy new cannabis software may not last or perform well over the long haul. We work with stable, proven software that you can rely on.

What we do

  • Local SEO
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Email automation
  • Traffic-boosting content strategies
  • Programmatic ad solutions
  • Community building & storytelling

Why We Love Cannabis And The Industry


Our History With The Cannabis Industry


Worked with local cannabis trade associations



Worked with CBD brands.
Exhibited at MJBizCon



First partnerships with cannabis agencies



Signed cannabis brands, dispensaries and trade organizations as clients



Continuing partnerships with key cannabis SaaS companies



Our goal in this Industry

We believe in legalization and regulation of cannabis worldwide—so much so that we’ve put our own resources behind the push for federal legalization. As cannabis industry partners, we’re doing our part to create a future where cannabis is normalized, legal, safe and accessible to the millions who benefit from it.


Services we offer the Industry


Website Design & Development

Flywheel Implementation

Graphic Design

Learning Management Systems

Packaging Design

Software Stack

We work with software that you can rely on

The software stack for cannabis is ever changing and can be unstable.

Why our clients love Open Flow


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