We are proud to work with such companies like Footprint who are making a difference and changing the world. Recently, the Phoenix Suns and Mercury teams formed a global partnership for their newly named Footprint Center. They aim to become a transformative venue to accelerate a plastic-free future. 

Originally published on Footprintus.com

“We have a unique opportunity with the Suns, Mercury and Real Mallorca to transform sports and entertainment experiences where fans can enjoy their food and drinks in sustainable packaging and learn more about how they can make changes in their daily lives to get rid of single-use plastics.

“Together we’ll create a living innovation lab of new ideas for consumer feedback, new opportunities for our customers, and we can educate fans in a way that will create a ripple effect outside the arena. Today is just the beginning.”

Troy Swope, CEO Footprint

We would like to say congratulations and we thank Footprint for not only being incredible to work with, but for helping to make a difference in the world we live in. Stay tuned for more updates on the Footprint Center.

For this launch we supported Footprint by creating visual assets and a landing page for users to learn more about what this means for the future of sports and the environmental impact.

For more information on Footprint’s sustainable solutions visit www.footprintus.com.