CRM Onboarding

Efficient CRM Migration & Onboarding

Upgrade your CRM Software in a timely manner to engage and excite your customers without skipping a beat.

Our process across all CRM functions

We have implemented our internal systems to help our clients scale fast! Our goal is to offer you the highest levels of service quality without compromising on speed.













You are NOT One Funnel Away

It’s almost impossible to get it right the first time. Successful businesses scale because they know how to try new strategies, then adapt and course-correct as they grow. That’s why, when we partner with you, we follow a quarterly and yearly planning process so we are always tracking the big picture for your brand.

“One Funnel Away” is a tagline by a company that we love, learn from and use constantly.

But what they don’t tell you is that you might be 100’s of funnel away. Or you might be 20 funnels away. The reality is the process matters the most and that takes time to build up.

Start of your Journey with Open Flow, Inc.

An overview of the infrastructure we help set-up when we start working together.


Basic Understanding & Account Setup

To set you up for rev-ops success, we’ll start your journey on understanding and setup of the fundamentals of your SaaS stack. There are a lot of tools, and to get the most value out of them, you’ll need to understand the foundations and how the tools work together. Along with helping you understand the SaaS fundamentals, and set up your teams in the chosen platforms.


Priorities, technical setup, and customization

The next phase is to implement the high priority tasks along with technical setup of the tools.
Some of these critical tasks include:


Setup Process for the CRM

In this stage we dive into the different tools inside the CRM and establish the core processes for each of these tools.


Lead Flow & Support Flow Process

Generating leads is not just a function of marketing, it is also a function of customer support. We now dive deeper into technical setups.


Content Creation and Distribution

Now it’s time to start optimizing the critical pages where leads are captured into your CRM system.



The next phase is to set up the advanced reports and the reporting dashboards.


Alignment and Maintenance

The last phase is to align with the next steps for continuous improvement.

CRM Services

Develop a Well-Rounded CRM Approach.

Data Migration & Segmentation

Service Hub Implementation

Marketing & Sales Hub Implementation

Automation Setup & Migration

Sales & Marketing Software Integration

Sales & Marketing Analytics

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