Our Process

It’s time to turn your great product into a great company!

You do not need to hire full-time marketers, salespeople, and service staff to scale your revenue and business. Get help from our team of CRM experts to automate and scale!

Sneak Peek

What you’ll have at your disposal when you work with Open Flow, Inc.

  • A dedicated solutions architect who will lead the team to hit your KPIs.
  • A full-stack CRM team that understands cutting edge technologies and strategies.
  • Multiple specialists and experts in various segments of RevOps.
  • Elasticity in Price – pivots are normal for companies. So when you shift, we shift with you.
  • No long term contracts – all contracts are month over month. 
  • No long term commitments. Our clients work with us long-term, not because of a contractual agreement, but because we add so much value to their business.
  • A team that stays informed. We’re constantly learning and deploying new frameworks, tools and methodologies. We will make sure you’re always up-to-speed on the newest developments in the CRM space.

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