Building HubSpot infrastructure for an emerging accessory brand: PAQcase

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PAQcase is a premium preroll case manufacturer, known for using sustainable reclaimed ocean plastic to make packaging that combines practical storage with valuable marketing opportunities for cannabis brands. With revenues exceeding $5 million, they’d switched from a marketing platform to HubSpot, and needed a capable HubSpot partner to onboard them as well as building their Marketing, Sales and Service hubs.


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We needed to add new infrastructure without hindering PAQcase’s ongoing sales processes, as well as mapping out the entire sales process for the deal stage build. Because PAQcase is both a B2B and B2C seller, we needed to ensure the dual sides of the business provided seamless interactions.


As PAQcase’s HubSpot partner, we implemented new email marketing automations, a sales deal stage pipeline, and a service support ticketing system for their B2B and B2C clients, all while providing real-time visibility with custom reporting dashboards for PAQcase’s managers and C-suite. 

For more info on HubSpot’s tools check out these links:

Marketing Hub
Sales Hub
Service Hub


The PAQcase team is now fully onboarded to their new Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. PAQcase is now up and running with their new Hubspot CRM, with a custom deal stage pipeline and email automation workflows that include a welcome email series, a re-engagement series, and promotional sales email sequences. Open Flow also set up a Sales Manager reporting suite, a customer service ticketing pipeline and custom follow-up surveys. 

Expectations exceeded in every way
Everything that OpenFlow said they would do, they did. They did it efficiently and they did it well. They have quickly become my most trusted HubSpot Consultants and I plan to continue to use them in the future for HubSpot and other initiatives.”

— Cody Ziering, Founder & CEO, PAQcase

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