Crafting a visual identity for a new infused cigar brand: Buzz Monkey

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Buzz Monkey is a premium infused cigar brand based in Arizona. We crafted the brand identity to convey a luxury experience, but with a youthful vibe that speaks to everyone. With a target audience of anyone 21 or older, we wanted to create a cool, hip brand, that also appealed to an older generation.


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The team asked us to create a brand identity that would convey a luxury experience as well as an irreverent, appealing vibe. The founders named the brand “Buzz Monkey” after a phrase they’d always used as code for cursing. They requested a monkey as their mascot to further the brand concept. We needed to create a hip, modern-looking brand that would speak to Gen Zers and millennials, while still holding appeal for Gen X and Boomer consumers….that somehow incorporated a monkey. 🐒


Mascots are typically associated with sports or kids, but this product’s visuals clearly needed to target an adult audience 21 and older. The monkey itself went through many variations to connote adulthood. Our design team went with a greaser styling, messy hair and sunglasses to further the adult-use, rebellious connotations of the mascot. Once we had the monkey mascot, we chose brand colors that would complement the graphic while also looking premium and exclusive.

The results can be viewed here:

“This company is second to none! Their positive attitudes and ability to help people is amazing. Can’t send enough thanks to this business!”

Eli Swope, Founder Buzz Monkey

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