Implementing CRM migration for environmental activists: Ecology Action

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Ecology Action and its sub-brands Ratio Institute and Taper Solutions wanted to tie together marketing efforts—social, advertising, website analytics, and email—in order to achieve more cohesive reporting. To achieve this goal, we needed to shift decades’ worth of accumulated data, contacts, forms, emails and automations from their old CRM and start fresh with an organized HubSpot account.


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We needed to organize and transition all of the brand’s valuable data seamlessly, without interrupting their workflow. as well as training their team on how to best manage their data in HubSpot going forward.

Another challenge: we had to find a way to organize and manage CRM data and assets for three separate brands under one HubSpot account.


After reviewing and logging all contact list segments, forms, emails, automations, and digital assets for each brand in the old CRM, we helped the Ecology Action team reorganize all of their CRM assets by:

  • Purging redundant lists and forms
  • Removing outdated email templates and automations
  • Consolidating list segments

After completing the overall migration, we trained the team so they could transition to the new HubSpot system with ease. 

We solved the problem of organizing and managing data and documents for three separate brands and domains (Ecology Action, Ratio Institute and Taper Solutions) within one account by using HubSpot’s business units tool.


“Adi and the team at Open Flow helped us migrate our entire marketing tech stack to HubSpot. What could have been a painful, slow-going process was easy, efficient, and enjoyable. His team went above and beyond with communication, training, and ensuring our HubSpot account was set up exactly how we needed to continue our business and marketing growth. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Open Flow and would recommend them to anyone needing a HubSpot contractor!”

—Rachel Peterson, Digital Marketing Manager, Ecology Action

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