Engineering HubSpot solutions for a leading SoCal dispensary: Medcare Farms

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Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub
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Medcare Farms is one of the leading cannabis cultivators and dispensaries in Southern California. With revenues exceeding $4 million annually and an increasingly competitive market, the company needed HubSpot onboarding for their team, as well as developing the infrastructure for their respective Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. The Medcare Farms website also needed a major functionality overhaul.


Marketing Hub
Sales Hub
Service Hub
HubSpot onboarding
Team training guidance
Follow-up resources
Email marketing
Ad marketing
Blog creation
Back-end development
Speed & optimization


We needed to engineer Marketing, Sales, and Service solutions from scratch, onboard their team, rebuild more than 30 pages and page templates, and create content for email marketing ad campaigns that maintained Medcare Farm’s brand style, tone, and voice, all while overcoming the marketing challenges inherent in the cannabis industry. We needed to accomplish all these outcomes in eight weeks.


We provided a robust HubSpot onboarding with implementation, team training guidance, and follow-up resources to ensure the team could work effectively within the new CRM. We assembled more than a dozen email workflows, and implemented six major campaigns for email marketing, ad marketing, and blog creation.

We created a Google ads account, optimized the Medcare Farms blog and Google Business Profile to improve SEO, and corrected numerous backend issues with the website. 


The Medcare Farms team is now fully operational in HubSpot, and we made many updates to the Medcare Farms website that greatly improved SEO and site stability. 

“It has been a total pleasure to work with the stellar team at Open Flow! The team is complete with cannabis industry knowledge and the technical know-how to navigate the new and emerging platforms driving the industry online. The workflow is smooth and the turnaround time is lightning fast with attention to detail that never misses the mark.”

—Vanessa Watson, Marketing Director

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