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Footprint is a company that’s actually changing the world. They invent and manufacture plant-based fiber solutions that can replace single-use plastic, as well as helping retailers, CPGs, and food companies transition to sustainable packaging solutions and reach their sustainability objectives. With revenues exceeding $924 million in 2022, they’d switched from a marketing platform to HubSpot, and needed a capable HubSpot partner to onboard them.

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The Challenge

Between their rapidly advancing technology and growing PR exposure, Footprint needed to redesign their website to align with their target audiences. The Footprint website had to function as a powerful marketing and communications tool that could attract new clients, position the brand as a leader in the sustainable packaging industry, and increase credibility with potential joint venture partners. 

Footprint is growing rapidly, and their website needed to be able to grow with them—so their team approached Open Flow to design and develop a new website.


After gathering all of the crucial information from various stakeholders, we focused on three main user experiences. Through the eyes of an investor, a client, and the everyday activist, we developed the pathways for each of their target user journeys. Each type of user had their own specific needs, and had to be provided with the information that allowed them to take action easily (from contacting sales and purchasing products to obtaining information on Footprint’s sister sites).

Footprint needed an all-in-one CMS platform that would host their site while allowing them to manage their leads, monitor their analytics and maintain their social media channels. We chose HubSpot, using their tools and builder to create a custom web experience. With built-in analytics and testing, we were able to optimize on the fly. 

We spent substantial time developing all of the subpages, such as the individual Product and Solutions pages, as well as the Plastics and Consumer Attitudes Survey landing page. The end result was a fully custom development project, complete with animated graphs and data. We created an animated iceberg and wave background loop to further drive home the sustainability initiative.

The content needed to be accessible and tools usable no matter where you are or what device you’re using to look at it. All of the content and user experience was not only optimized for phones, but designed to ensure the same experience you would get on desktop.

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The new website loads faster, and its navigation is simpler and more intuitive. With a score of an A by GTMetrix (8/23/2022), the site performs much faster than the previous WordPress version. HubSpot allows us to create a light but powerful website that’s easy to navigate and visually appealing.

We’re proud of how we were able to accomplish our client’s goals with this project. We are happy to have played a role in helping Footprint continue its mission to eliminate plastic waste by revamping their digital presence. ​The website continues to evolve—since we rebuilt it entirely in 2019, we’ve continued to maintain and update ever since. We look forward to continuing to improve and optimize as Footprint continues to grow. 

Winner of the 2022 Marcom Gold award for the design of our website. Marcom awards honors excellence in marketing and communication while recognizing the creativity, hard work and generosity of industry professionals. We are thrilled to have won this award for our hard work and dedication to working with our client, Footprint.

On top of that..

We continuously work with Footprint on design projects ranging from digital, to print, and everything in between.

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