Creating an award-winning packaging design: Azeka’s Sauce

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The Azeka family has a long history on the Hawaiian island of Maui, as well as a deep passion for food and friends. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they brought their family’s famous barbecue sauce recipes back into production. Now they needed branding, packaging, photography and a website to showcase the new products.

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The branding needed to convey the products’ Hawaiian origins and the client requested a logo that would be eye-catching and differentiate their product on shelf. For the logo, we went with metallic gold in a vintage-inspired font. For the label, we chose tropical colors as well as a hibiscus flower illustration. Because the product line had four distinct sauce flavors, we needed to show this was a family of connected products, but still distinguish the different flavors from one another. 


The Azeka Sauce design won Design Rush’s Best Package Design of Summer 2021: “From the very shape of the bottle featuring a distinguishing neckline to the color of each sauce giving the bottle its character, Azeka’s Sauce package design is much more than just a label – it is a synergy of the product, the shape of the container and the intricate design elements.”

—Design Rush

Another indicator of success: When Azeka Sauce products were on sale at the Tempe Aloha Festival in 2015, they sold 70 bottles. 

In 2018, they sold 700. The only thing that had changed was the look of the bottle. 🌺

Branding for Azeka Sauce was developed by our lead designer, Hunter Wickersham. Hunter has been devoted to the brand since we started working with them in 2018. He’s spent countless hours perfecting the sauce labels, digital content, and field material. We are thrilled to receive this award and look forward to designing more packaging and products. Our team also designed and runs their website,


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