Developing profitable ad campaigns for breast-feeding products: Pumpin’ Pal

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Pumpin’ Pal products make pumping easier for breast-feeding women. In addition to HubSpot onboarding and website maintenance, the company needed our help with programmatic advertising campaign development and execution.

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We needed an ad strategy that spoke to women who are currently breastfeeding now or plan to in the future, as well as those women’s support networks. Our market research found that new parents respond best to ad content that depicts family life in a realistic, empathetic way. Our end goal: creating ads that acknowledge the day-to-day challenges of parenting, while offering new useful information that drives social engagement as well as potential customer traffic to the Pumpin’ Pal website.


While our Facebook campaign has been ongoing since May 2022, we continue to track multiple conversion events (videos watched, link clicks, website viewed, time spent on the website) that help us drive more ad content to our target markets. We’ve pivoted our campaign tactics several times based on real-time data. 

Our campaigns have helped to add over 11,000 new subscribers to their email list. We’ve cultivated subscribers by providing meaningful, relevant content that builds trust in the Pumpin’ Pal brand. Trust, plus user data, is how we draw new leads into the sales pipeline. Our return on ad spend is excellent, and Pumpin’ Pal website retargeting campaign continues to improve in performance month-over-month. 

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