Re-imagining a premium cannabis company’s web presence: iLAVA

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iLAVA, one of Arizona’s top-selling cannabis brands, needed a total website makeover that communicated their industry leader status while educating consumers on more than 140 different cannabis products. We needed to use iLAVA’s existing branding while updating the content and upgrading the user’s e-commerce experience. 

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The Challenge

The website needed to communicate iLAVA’s identity as a house of trusted cannabis brands, known for their consistency and effectiveness. The new design needed to be engaging and easy to navigate, streamlining the path to purchase.


iLAVA prides itself on creating best-in-class cannabis products, and that premium experience had to begin with the website. As the first touchpoint for the brand, the site had to deliver a seamless user experience with easy navigation, regardless of screen size or browser. 

We designed and developed a fully responsive website that aligns with iLAVA’s status as a quality brand. To optimize the user experience and customer journey, we simplified and re-organized the navigation.

We added new emphasis to iLAVA’s differentiators. As cultivators and medical dispensary owners with a decade of patient-focused experience, the new copy highlighted the brand’s seniority in the legal cannabis space, as well as how they use customer feedback to develop new products. We also assembled social proof of their bona fides: Patient testimonials, five-star reviews, product awards and earned media coverage.


The new website updates iLAVA’s visual branding and offers a vastly improved customer journey. The site loads faster, and navigation is simpler and more intuitive. The reorganized sitemap allows visitors to search by product type (concentrates, edibles, topicals, and extracts). 

There is now a cohesive brand voice throughout the site, and iLAVA’s earned reputation for quality and consistency is clear to even casual site browsers. 

The results can be viewed here:

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