Designing standout branding for a nighttime edible brand: IndicaPM

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Indica PM is a popular Arizona cannabis edible product line, formulated for sleep. The client wanted to upscale the product’s visual identity. High-quality ingredients to bring you high-quality sleep, Indica PM edibles, available in gummies and chocolate. Branding, packaging and web design done by Open Flow’s design team. 


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The previous design and logo had become outdated—cannabis products formulated for calm or pain relief now emphasize health and wellness, and references to the cannabis plant itself tend to be more subtle.

We needed to represent and convey the idea of natural rest and sleep, so we refined the moon and leaf graphic to promote the idea of a purpose-driven health supplement. 

The purples and blues underscore the nighttime theme, and the use of indigo correlates with the idea of indica strains. The product comes in four flavors, and we varied the background of each flavor slightly to individuate them. We also replaced stock photos used on the original packaging with custom illustrations.


After exploring several different design schemes, the client selected one they felt best reflected a more modern, sophisticated product. The deep colors and custom botanical illustrations conveyed the quality of the edible, and the packaging and website now reflect the experience and nuance of a legacy medical cannabis formulator—and the re-branded product line has received nothing but five-star reviews from consumers thus far. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The results can be viewed here:

Here is the previous branding and packaging they started out with.

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