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The Arizona Dispensary Association (ADA) is a trade organization that represents the interests of dispensary owners and employees in the state of Arizona. The ADA wanted to revamp their website to better represent their brand and provide a more user-friendly experience for their members and visitors.

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  • Outdated website design and branding
  • Limited member resources and engagement opportunities
  • Inadequate information about the benefits of joining the ADA
  • Difficulties for users to find dispensary locations

The website redesign project for the Arizona Dispensary Association included a complete overhaul of their branding, including the look and feel of the website. The goal was to create a fresh and modern image that would better represent the organization and its members.

The new look was achieved by incorporating more vibrant colors, updated logos and graphics, and modern typography. The use of bold and bright colors helped to create a more professional and eye-catching look, while the typography was carefully selected to be both legible and modern. The updated branding gave the ADA’s website a fresh, modern look that more accurately reflected the organization’s values and goals.


  • Complete website redesign with updated branding and a clean, modern look
  • Creation of a members portal with exclusive content and resources
  • Implementation of a dispensary locator map to make it easier for users to find locations
  • Development of a “Join Us” page with clear information about the benefits of membership

Additionally, the website design was streamlined to be more user-friendly and accessible. The layout was organized in a way that made it easy for users to find the information they needed, while the navigation was designed to be intuitive and straightforward. This helped to ensure that visitors and members could quickly access the information and resources they needed, without having to navigate through complicated menus or search through pages of content.


The ADA’s new website was launched successfully and received positive feedback from both members and visitors. The members portal has increased engagement among members and provided them with valuable resources and information. The dispensary locator map has made it easier for users to find locations, increasing foot traffic for members. The “Join Us” page has also been effective in educating potential members about the benefits of joining the ADA.


The website redesign project was a success for the Arizona Dispensary Association. The updated website has improved the organization’s branding and provided a better user experience for members and visitors. The addition of the members portal, dispensary locator map, and “Join Us” page have increased engagement and helped to achieve the ADA’s goals.

The results can be viewed here:

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